Stengård Kirke November 17th 2014


Martin Thaning Petersen: Piece for percussion and electronics (2014)
  Martin Thaning Petersen, percussion, electronics
Rune Solvang: Scenario no. 1 (2014)
  Rune Solvang, piano
Martin Thaning Petersen: Clair Obscure pour Piano (2011-14)
  Martin Thaning Petersen, piano
Martin Thaning Petersen: Distances, Part II (2013-14)
  Martin Thaning Petersen, electronics
Rune Solvang: The red Suite (2010-11)
  I - Death Dance of the Yuppie
  II - Free Nature
  III - National Housecleaning - without racism
  IV - The Windmills' Fight against Don Quijote
  V - King Croesus' Revelation
  Rune Solvang, piano