Stengård Kirke November 16th 2017


Rune Solvang: Creative Zones no. 4 (2017)
  Rune Solvang, piano, alternative instruments
  Martin Thaning Petersen, drums, alternative instruments
Martin Thaning Petersen: Industrial Sounds II (2017)
  Martin Thaning Petersen, electronics
Martin Thaning Petersen: Shadow Sides (2017)
  Martin Thaning Petersen, piano
Rune Solvang: Death Dance of the Yuppie (2010)
  (from The Red Suite)
  Rune Solvang, piano
Martin Thaning Petersen: Piece for Guitar and Alternative Instruments (2017)
  Martin Thaning Petersen, guitar, alternative instruments
Rune Solvang: Meditation no. 1-3 (2013-14)
  Rune Solvang, piano
Martin Thaning Petersen: Melody in C major for Piano Orchestra (2004)
  (Tribute for Alfred Schnittke)
  Martin Thaning Petersen, piano