Grundtonen is a composers' collective consisting of Rune Solvang and Martin Thaning Petersen. The composers are performing musicians, and perform their own music that ranges widely, from piano pieces to works for alternative instruments, electronics and home-built instruments.

Grundtonen was founded in 2003, when the first concert was held on May 15th. Ever since, the two composers have experimented with different genres and different instrumentation. Based on modern compositional music, the sources of inspiration are many, ranging from minimalism to various forms of crossover. There is great variation in the character of the works, and Grundtonen delivers both abstract experiments and works with different forms of action or program, ranging from themes in painting to political manifestations.

Grundtonen regularly works with other composers and bands from different genres. Over time, the concerts have performed works by Lasse Schwanenflugel Piasecki, Peter Due, Anders Monrad, the Colombian composer Eblis Alvarez, as well as the former members and co-founders of Grundtonen, Toke Brorson Odin and Regin Petersen. Grundtonen has also collaborated with ensembles, including the fusion jazz band Charlies Blåhval.

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