Stengård Kirke April 23rd 2004


Martin Thaning Petersen: Territories (2004)
  I - Intro
  II - Allegro agitato
  Martin Thaning Petersen, piano
Rune Solvang: The Mouse and the Elephant (1998)
  Gitte Nyholm, piccolo flute
  Snorri Heimsson, double-basoon
Anders Monrad: Neurosis for Piano, op. 1 (1999-2001)
  Anders Monrad, piano
Martin Thaning Petersen: Melody in C major for Piano Orchestra (2004)
  Tribute for Alfred Schnittke
  Martin Thaning Petersen, piano
Martin Thaning Petersen: Signals Part II (2003-04)
  Gitte Nyholm, flute
  Ida Kühn Riegels, cello
  Anders Magelund, piano
Rune Solvang: Sonata for Piano in one Movement (1997)
  Rune Solvang, piano
Regin Petersen: Der var dén (2003-04)
  Rune Solvang, piano